Easy Toll


Traffic Congestion at Toll Plazas has been a problem in smooth commute on the highways and expressways. It not only kills time but also adds to Inefficient Oil Consumption and Pollution. Also the dream of Digital India can only be realized if the cash transactions are reduced. In the current ETC systems it is a challenge to keep a track of the Balance as well.


EasyToll is a product from Auriga Labs where we keep on playing with the technology to create meaningful and impactful solutions to add value to users and making their lives easier. EasyToll is conceptualized to be a convenient and cutting edge solution for ETC. The solution is a combination of multiple technologies including Mobile App, RF Tags and Image Recognition. EasyToll worked will at DND Flyway, which was one of the busiest Toll Plazas of India. It offers the following benefits:

  • Conveniently available – Download Anytime, anyplace.

  • Quick Pass – The average pass time for cash is 42 secs while Toll Collection with easy toll is 6 secs. This is also because the lanes cannot be dedicated in India and thus have speed brakers.

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Manage Multiple Vehicle with Same Account – Fleet Operators Dashboard
  • Easy Balance Information and Recharge
  • Paperless Receipts and their Easy availability
  • Electronic Reconciliations