Challenge wanted to create a platform for offering online courses for masses. Through this, Edukart aimed to aggregate distance learning program from institutes across Globe and make those accessible to candidates. They needed a team who is involved full time to evolve product as per the business requirement as they grow. Biggest challenge in this project was to integrate LMS and Ecommerce to give user seamless experience.


Auriga built the entire Ecommerce Platform and Learning Management Portal from scratch and was responsible for ongoing development & enhancement of the platform. Auriga design & build a web content management system to provide an intuitive authoring experience for content managers. There was a lot of focus on providing lightning fast Search and third party tool Algolia was integrated for the same. Auriga also integrated third party tools for CRM, Email Marketing to streamline Operations and track and monitor marketing activities in efficient way.

  • Platform has more than 10,000 paid students on its platform
  • More than 120 Course Provider are offering over 2,500 courses on platform
  • Tech Partner of Edukart from the day it’s inception till it was acquired by PayTM
  • Seamlessly integrated LMS and E Commerce Platform