Houzify needed a platform to manage their image assets and a project management tool to create, assign and monitor various tasks associated with a Project and its design. Tasks consists of tagging, curation, organisation and ingestion of images.


Auriga work closely work with Houzify operation team to understand the manual process followed and challenges faced by their team. Project was divided into multiple milestones

  • Ingestion – bulk ingestion from cloud storage that has multiple albums and meta data information about image and project.
  • MCuration – Build image curation browser, allowing user to browse images and filter images and crop/split images as per the requirement. Create annotation tasks and assign it to tagging team.
  • Tagging – Build a tagging interface which allows a user to sketch an outline of items in an image then add a one or more tags to the sketch to describe the item.

Project helped client reduce the inefficiency in operations and provide a holistic view about the progress of various tasks and productivity of team.