Jacktrade vision was to build a solution which caters to the need of every Small to Medium enterprise in all industries. It was a big challenge to design the architecture which fits to every business and cover all Business activities and design the UI interface for Tablets which has more than 600 screens. Features need be developed in such a way that it can customized as per client needs and support multi tenant architecture.


Auriga designed entire architecture keeping in mind the complex and scalable need of the platform. Auriga was responsible for end to end product engineering for all modules of Sales (Quotations, Lead Management), CRM (Customer and Contact Management), Resource and Inventory Management and Productivity tools like Timesheet, Shift Management and highly complex Proposal Builder. Platform also facility to control licences for each business and allow subscription models for payment. Each module is closely link with other modules and it required a lot of effort and QA to make sure that everything fall in place.

  • Frontend is developed using Angular JS and it was binded using Ionic framework to develop App

  • Backend was developed using PHP (Slim Framework) and MongoDB

  • Highly responsive mobile and web applications with a seamless registration and onboarding process for an organization
  • Organization were able to set up their business on platform quickly and without much training
  • Platform provide the capability to write modules and libraries that gives developer the flexibility and freedom to do agile work.
  • Think of any business activity and you will find a module in this platform
  • Million Lines of Code
  • 600 page of user experience