LogIQids believes that there is is a lack of systematic approach in existing education system to develop and enhance a vital skill – Logical Reasoning, in kids. They have framed amazing questions but the challenge was to make sure that each child gets questions as per his own ability and is able to grow at his own pace. It was essential to deliver customized content to each kid and make the system such that it motivates kid to do more.


Auriga did UI/UX design of the website and ensured that Onboarding process is a really simple and quick for any users and also designed a Dashboard which provided meaningful insights to Parents about the Kids learning. Auriga developed a Web Content Management System using YII to enable client to manage Questions, Quizzed, Adaptive Papers, Subscriptions and Offline Examinations. Frontend was developed for kids to learn about various topics, take online adaptive worksheets and evaluate themselves. Admin Panel has the flexibility to define the rules based on which user levels were decided and questions were delivered based on that.