Sarvottam – Volkswagen Dealer’s Meet


Sarvottam is not just a conference for Volkswagen India Dealer Employees but also an engaging and interactive 2-day event filled with various activities. The theme for this event was ‘Think, Live, Act’.,


To create an ecosystem which manages all segments & sections of the event from a single source.


The event was a combination of business & leisure, conferences coupled with games, contests, and an award function, making it a busy two-day affair. The app needed to be informative, interactive and customizable. Hence, we strategically chose features to complement the activities planned.



Before the app went live, event managers were offered training which reduced their dependency on us for quick customization. The app was active for a total of 27 days to incorporate strategic customizations based on pre-event, at event and post-event timelines. On-site and technical support was offered from start to completion of the event.


Features Executed

Registration, Agenda, About Event, About Company, Activities, Games, Leaderboard, FAQs, Feedback, Contest, Social Media, Live Notifications.



A total of 300+ attendees registered on the app which became a one-stop solution for all information on the event. All Games & Contests were managed via the app resulting in an average usage of 22hrs per user in a span of 27 days. This helped in an efficient allocation of manpower for the event organizers making it a seamless execution and an enriching experience for the attendees.